Our second keynote speaker announced

We are happy to announce another confirmed keynote speaker for the conference: Juliet Jacques.


Writer and critic Juliet Jacques

Juliet Jacques is a freelance author and journalist. As well as publishing a monograph on modernist writer Rayner Heppenstall in 2007, she writes short fiction and journalism on literature, art, music, politics, gender, sexuality and football. Her most recent book, Trans: A Memoir (2015) is based on her popular column in The Guardian documenting her transition,  ‘A Transgender Journey’. Her work has also appeared in The New Statesman, London Review of Books, Granta, Sight & Sound, Frieze, TimeOut, New Humanist, Five Dials, New Inquiry, Berfrois, 3:AM and many other platforms.

Trans: A Memoir combines Juliet’s personal story with criticism of trans theory, literature, film and life-writing.  Many of her reflections are relevant to the topic of anonymity. Her experience as a contemporary writer is tied to the politics of identity as they come to inform her social media presence, the promotion of her work and her readers’ expectations. Juliet’s own writing practice is located within the history of media presentation and manipulation of trans identities and narratives.

What are the effects of concealing or foregrounding the identity of an author? What do we expect and what do we reject when knowing an author’s identity? How is one’s public identity negotiated on social media, and can one remain anonymous? How can debates about revealing or hiding one’s history in transgender politics be read as issues of anonymity? We are excited to hear Juliet’s thoughts on these topics, as her expertise in theory and politics informs her personal experiences of writing the self and negotiating gendered identity.


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